23 Nov 10 by James Elson

Rocky Raccoon 100

Had a few good work outs already this week, I feel like slowly there is some form coming back. I have the Gatliff 50km this weekend and Luton Marathon the following so an opportunity to get a couple of longer work outs in. Gatliff will be very slow as an LDWA style event with no marked course and probably some snow on the ground. Luton I will take as it comes. Attempting 2 back to back 100 mile weeks so a good base before some more specific training for Rocky Raccoon 100. I just entered this again for 5th Feb 2011 and I'm pretty excited about finally getting it right at the 100 mile distance. This will be number 4 and I hope I can finally execute the last 40 miles like I've run the first 60 in each of the 3 preceeding this.