9 Apr 11 by James Elson

Badwater Redux

The best thing about finishing races is being able to look back on them and wince. I hadn't ever seen these shots form Badwater before, they were on a camera in the car which my buddy Rich used to shoot some extra shots as and when the mood struck. Looking over them now it's obvious he managed to capture just how painful a journey that 39 hours was because I wasn't aware of the camera being there. I haven't forgotten it and I don't expect I ever will. WHAT a race this is, I will go back one day and make it right, albeit I am very proud of finishing that monster.

Early Pit Stop
On the road to Furnace Creek Mile 17
Stovepipe Mile 42: 8 hours 28 to this point, totally ruined my race
by starting too quick.
I spent most of the Darwin to Lone Pine section (mile 90 - 122)
going less than 2mph. The chaffing I suffered was horrific and
turned the race into an almight slog. When I stopped to meet the crew
was the only respite I could get from the burning blistered skin. I sat down
twice for less than 5 minutes for fear of not getting going again.
Lone Pine. 13 miles and 5000 feet to climb. Head down, one foot in front of
the other.