Centurion Running

Who We Are

First and foremost we are an ultra distance trail event organiser based in the UK. Our objective is to put on the best supported, most professionally and safely organised, runner orientated ultra distance trail races - anywhere. We have taken the things we liked from races we have been fortunate enough to run ourselves and added them to the trails that we love. Our aim is to provide the maximum level of support we can for runners over race weekend on the resources we have available. To be transparent. To be sustainable and reduce waste and environmental impact as much as we physically can.

Centurion was founded by James Elson, currently the race director for all of the events. We don't have any permanent staff, instead we have an incredible group of people join us in order to safely and professionally manage everything through race week. On top of that we are lucky to have without doubt the most incredible group of volunteers making race day happen. 

Our races all contain the same basic elements. 50km, 50 miles or 100 miles non-stop and on foot. Fully stocked aid stations over at regular intervals on every route, friendly and hugely enthusiastic volunteers and staff and medical support on hand at all times, up and down the course, throughout the race.

We held our first event in August 2011 on the North Downs Way and after some wonderful feedback, we set about designing courses and events that gave runners the opportunity to run some of the most scenic and challenging trails in the UK in a fully supported race format where both racing and finishing are encouraged in equal measures. Out of those elements were borne the 4 x 100 milers comprising the 100 Mile Grand Slam, the 4 x 50 milers which comprise the 50 Mile Grand Slam and the Piece of String Fun Run, on which James Adams another UK based ultrarunner has been involved in equal measure.

In 2019 we added a 50k for the first time as well as the Track 100 which offers the best in the world, the chance to run record performances for 100 miles under the fastest possible conditions.

The coaching services we provide are suited to runners of all abilities. We have a one to one coaching service as well as Training Plan + which caters to all runners.

The store is steadily growing to include more of the products we trust in and use ourselves. 

Most of all we pride ourselves on conveying the information runners need in order to adequately prepare for and eventually to race to the best of their ability and in the safest possible way. Please email us with any feedback or queries and we will always come back to you.