Centurion Running

Jon Fielden

My first hundred in 2014 was a complete sufferfest. It took me nine hours and twenty minutes to complete the last twenty five miles on a flat course. I had started running a few years before, gradually increasing the distances I raced over the years but, like many runners, I had never managed any real structure or consistency to my training. Whilst I was really proud to finish my first hundred, it made me realise that I wanted to improve as a runner and I needed some structure and support to do so. Working with James has made an incredible difference to my running in every way. I’ve set significant PBs over every distance from 5K upwards, including running the 2017 Berlin Wall 100 in 17 hours 20 minutes, nearly nine hours quicker than my first hundred. That’s only part of the story though, as I have learned so much from James about all aspects of running, including race management and strategy, preparation, kit, race nutrition and pacing. Signing up for coaching with James and Centurion has improved my running beyond all measure - it’s far and away the best investment in my running I’ve ever made. I’m also enjoying my running (both training and racing) more than I ever thought possible.

Lou Dutch

I cannot recommend Neil enough. In 2017 I DNF'D (my only DNF so far!)  the NDW 100. I was determined to go back the next year and reach that finish line and knew that a coach would increase those chances. With Neil's vast amount of experience and the calibre of runner that he is, he ensured that all my sessions were of quality and directly related to my goal. These sessions were adapted around my lifestyle and commitments. Nothing was ever too much trouble for Neil and he was aways supportive and  ready to answer all my questions! As a result I exceeded my expectations this year at the NDW 100, I was amazed at my time and how I felt. Thank you Neil... I'm still buzzing!

Tremayne Cowdry

I was lucky enough to get a second shot at Spartathlon after my 2015 DNF, I decided I would get some professional coaching to make sure this year a success. James seemed the obvious choice, he came highly recommended, he had finished Sparta too on his second attempt and above all for me I respected him as a runner. We worked to a twelve week race plan, every day I gave the feed back and at every opportunity the plan was updated. I stuck to the plan and exactly to what James told me to do. What I made clear from the outset is that I didn't want a fluffy coach who was a yes man, James is not that, he  will only tell you the truth, he is a no nonsense thorough coach who listens, advises and motivates. My training went exactly to plan as did the race he was even on hand during the race via Whats app to answer questions. I couldn't have been happier with the result and see the money I spent on coaching as an investment into me finishing the race. I look forward to working with him again soon on my next big adventure.

Chris Baker

After limited improvement in ultras over the last couple of years, I signed up with Centurion Coaching to help me reach my goals sooner. The coaching is highly personalised and the plans are developed around you, updated to reflect feedback from your sessions and ever-changing personal and work commitments. The coaching is much more than just a training plan, in a short space of time Eddie has helped me be better prepared for the specifics of a race and properly execute race plans, in particular nailing consistent pacing (previously, every race included a massive slowing down) and nailing race nutrition, which has seen me move up the field.  I'm really looking forward to seeing what I'm capable of over the longer term, thanks to Eddie's guidance.

Sarah Sawyer

I originally contacted James about coaching with the objective of making the A100 (my second 100 miler) 'less horrific than the first'. Prior to this, I also had a 155 mile multi-day race in Ecuador. The training was totally specific to these races and I saw improvements in my running from the very start. I ended up as first female in Ecuador and ran a 19:47 time in the A100 (over 3 1/2 hours faster than my previous 100, but more importantly loving every minute of it - something I didn't think was possible!). After two longer races, I decided to focus on shorter stuff and a road marathon. Again the training was completely targeted to these goals and I couldn't believe road running could be so enjoyable. In the run-up to Barcelona marathon, I got PBs at 5k, 10k and HM, culminating in a 19 minute PB in 3:19 at Barcelona. The results speak for themselves for James' thorough and detailed coaching, but beyond that he's given me a confidence and belief in my running, has given so much invaluable advice and is constantly pushing and challenging me. Starting coaching with James is without doubt the best thing I've ever done for my running.

Darren Chilcott

I signed up with James in mid 2014 after several months out injured, with the aim of working towards the SDW100 (my first 100 miler) in June 2015. Unfortunately further (non-running) injuries prevented me from getting into the programme until I was running again in November 2014. James was instrumental in helping me through the very frustrating injured period with gym-based plans and since returning to running progress has been nothing short of remarkable with the carefully-tailored, very personalised plan, based on discussion, statistics and my feedback (on every session), getting me through half a dozen marathons and the SDW50 within 5 months. Once I’d learned to trust the plan, where every session has a specific purpose, (including easy and rest days) improvements in both endurance and speed have come at an incredible rate, culminating in such things as doing the SDW50 way, way quicker than I ever expected, and taking well over 2 mins off my 5k PB in the same period. Cumulative mileage has been higher than ever, but the careful design of the plan means I’ve never felt any long term fatigue. As well as the running, the advice on kit, race tactics/strategy, hydration and nutrition has been utterly invaluable and led to much better experiences on long events. I can’t recommend Centurion Coaching highly enough -  I write as a middle-aged, modest club runner, not an elite ultrarunner. 

Louise Ayling

Before I signed up with Centurion, I thought that training plans came in twelve, fourteen or sixteen week varieties and that the key to success was arranging your life to fit around the plan.  In the three years that I’ve been coached by Centurion, I’ve had the luxury of a training plan which fits in around my life, incorporates my parkrun obsession and maintains a base level of fitness that means I can run half marathon distance runs on a whim.  I’ve also had a coach who challenges me to find new trails to run, convinces me that I’m capable of more than I think and who has taught me that running is not merely a convenient way to fit exercise into my everyday life, but also massive amounts of fun.

David Bloore

I contacted Centurion regarding coaching as I felt that I was no longer making progress and that I was no making the best use of my somewhat limited time to train. Working with Robbie has genuinely revolutionised my running. There is a real emphasis on quality. Each session has a point and a focus which in addition to maximising the benefit makes it much more engaging and enjoyable. Robbie has overhauled my race and nutrition strategy to something much more simple and effective. This has helped me achieve a podium and two additional top ten finishes in the 3 races I have overtaken since starting to work with Robbie. Overall coaching has been a very positive experience and I look forward to continuing the process

Lynn Cunningham

I had a big running wake up call when I got timed out of an ultra marathon that I'd completed within the cut offs twice before. I had also failed my second attempt at the Centurion grand slam. Although I'm not a competitive runner I was mortified that it was all going horribly pear shaped - both speed wise and with regards to mental strength. In just 6 months of coaching with Eddie I have become a much stronger, controlled and more focussed runner. I love every day: the variety of the sessions, and the ideas and plans put in place for both training runs and events. The regular communication and feedback on my bespoke plan keeps me thinking about what I am doing and why I am doing it. I love running more than ever and this year I'm going to get that big grand slam buckle! I can't recommend Centurion coaching highly enough.

Mark Zirbser

After getting through on my first attempt at the Western States 100 lottery, the first thing I did (after panicking!)  was get in touch with James at Centurion Running to get some formalised coaching for this iconic race.  The combination of race specific training & advice (i.e. a tonne of downhill workouts), a great  balance of quality vs. quantity (I am sure I would have over trained on my own), and James' ability to align my programme to the realities of day to day life were critical factors in my successful preparation for Western States.  There is no doubt in my mind, I would not have been able to finish the race without his coaching support.  

Fergus Hogan-Edwards

I thought I was an experienced ultra runner: I'd read the books, I ran the miles, I finished my races. I wanted to be better than that. Robbie has made my training efficient: I have a purpose for each and every run, I haven't missed a session sick, I'm getting faster. A lot faster.

Nick Jones

I had a big year of running planned for 2016 with the inaugural centurion 50 grand slam and my first attempt at 100 miles on the South Downs Way and I knew I'd need some help achieving my goals. The guidance and support I continue to receive from Robbie is outstanding and has transformed my training. I achieved everything I set out to and more, and now have a huge amount of confidence in my own capabilities and I am seriously excited about the challenges that lay ahead.

Lucy Clayton

After signing up for a 125km (78 mile) race in the Canadian Rockies I decided I was going to need a proper training plan.  Having run my share of marathons and a few short ultras (40 miles max) I knew the basics but kept finding conflicting information about the best way to approach longer races.  I came across Centurion and decided to give them a whirl.  Not only did I get a training plan that I could confidently follow, I also got the benefit of their advice, encouragement and support.  Knowing that I'm going to have to report back on my training (and racing) helps to keep me focused, and in some cases moving!  Without their help I'm not sure if I would have got to the start of the Canadian Death Race uninjured let alone been one of just 30% of starters that finished it.  I'm now looking forward to working with them to achieve new targets. 

Darla Crispin

As an experienced marathon mid-packer, I had been inspired for many years by the idea of going for ultra distances, but was uncertain of how to optimise my training to cope with such a gear change, fitting this around a busy professional life. Enter Centurion Coaching! After a detailed personal consultation, including a long, friendly and confidence-building Skype call, Centurion created clear and effective bespoke weekly training programmes with real-life flexibility and an ongoing process of feedback. After five months of working with them, I'm looking forward to lining up for my first 50-miler in one week's time, well-trained and injury free.

Ross Le Blanc

I wanted coaches to elevate my performance, outsource my training plan, ensure I had expert guidance and for peace of mind. All have been fulfilled. The team are incredibly responsive and have a wealth of experience between them which releases a lot of pressure when it comes to planning. This allows me to focus on training and I have quickly seen great improvements in performance.

Ronnie Station

In 2010 I decided to have a go at running! Since then I have completed numerous ultras, including two Centurion 100's. Upon training for the Lakeland 100 in 2012 it seemed the right time to seek advice. Centurion Coaching took the stress out of my planning so I could enjoy my training. Importantly the sessions kept me focused each and every run with great consistency and I never felt time was lost. The weekly feedback ensured progression and I hit the start line in great shape. I am a huge believer that results speak for themselves. I finished the Lakland 100 in 28hrs 47mins in 26th position, above my expectations. I am now working with Centurion on my next goal, a sub 3hr marathon and a winter 100.

Tracey Horne

Changing from one sport (Ironman triathlon) to a new one of ultra running has presented challenges in terms of training, recovery and racing. The team are brilliant in terms of reining me in and stopping me overtraining whilst at the same time giving me the confidence in my ability and years of endurance training. The programs are well thought out and flexible when life gets in the way! The team are responsive, understanding and incredibly patient with all my questions and I can't wait to start my first 50 miler! 

Paul Navesey

The Centurion Coaching Team have been a fantastic help to me in providing specific a training plan to suit each race that I do, their coaching quality easily matches that of their own running and racing. It helped that their views on training were similar to my own, but both are very open to suggestions and excellent at providing alternatives to sessions should that be required. They gave my training more direction and purpose, this alone allowed me to be far more consistent than I had been previously leading to almost immediate improvements in my results and race times from 5k through to 100 miles. Responses to my updates are always prompt, clear, informative and they are very aware of any upcoming events. With the experience they share between them I would certainly recommend them to anyone looking to improve at any distance.

Paul Reader

After years of self training, I finally took the plunge and sort professional coaching. Since finding Centurion Coaching on-line my true potential has been realised with my training becoming more targeted and fun!!! Over the past year Centurion have helped me knock over 20 min of my marathon PB and complete my first 100 miler in under 21hrs. What ever your running goals are, I would not hesitate to recommend Centurion Coaching.

Anja Hav Thomsen

The team are as down to earth as they come - and it is with thanks to them and the balanced training plan and direct support -  I have completed faster road races, trail runs and most recently the 180 km  Olympian race in Greece.  I am without a doubt in the best shape I have ever been – and when it comes to my mental strength I got a lot to thank them for.

Dominic Smallwood

I have been working with Centurion Running for over two years now and cannot recommend their services more highly having taken me from a regular half marathoner to completing my first 50 miler. There are a variety of factors that sets them apart from other coaching services in my experience: punctionality and consistency of programme updates, variety of training sessions, helpful advice around goal setting, technical advice, attention to detail, race experience and in particular heavily tailored and flexible training plans. Furthermore whilst books and magazines may cover many of the above, I do not believe they would have provided me with the level of consistency, improvements or (more importantly) enjoyment that I have experienced. Many thanks for all of the hard work!

Shawn Timmons

Having DNF'd the SDW100 in 2013, I knew I needed some help to achieve my goal of being able to complete a 100 mile race. So I signed up with Centurion Coaching in June 2013.  James Elson was my lead coach. Training on my own I had been prone to burn out, injury and poor motivation. Working with James none of that occurred, by following the carefully set training programme  with weekly communication I was able to train consistently for 16 months. The main brief was to finish a 100 mile race. But along the way I completed L2B, a long held dream. I also PB'd at 50km, marathon and half marathon distance races. I also finished 3 x 100 milers in 10 1/2 months.  Working with James enabled me to achieve my goals and believe I can achieve what I set out to do. I look forward with confidence to completing other races along the way with the knowledge of how to build a training plan and carry it through. We achieved a lot James.

Jan Lavis

I was coached by James Elson from May 2014 to June 2015. I had been running for a few years, completed many events and was an ok runner. I had already completed the SDW100 and NDW100 events but my ultimate goal was to do the SDW100 better and get the coveted “100miles One Day” Buckle. I could not have predicted what working with James would do for my running. He elevated me to a new level. He completely tuned into me, planning my schedule around my shifts. He planned around me, not the other way round. The schedule was structured and balanced with the perfect amount of recovery built in. This allowed for a completely injury free year.

I thought that at the age of 52, all my PB’s were behind me. Not so. In those 12 months, I achieved PB’s at 5k,10k, Half Marathon and Marathon (3:32).  In June 2015, my ultimate goal was achieved with my sub 24hr time at SDW100. How chuffed was I with that buckle. I have learned so much about myself. I cannot recommend Centurion Coaching enough. Thank you James for all you have helped me achieve.