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At Centurion Running we don't believe in off the shelf training plans, however we recognise that not everyone wants or needs full one to one service either. Training Plan + was created with this in mind, a personalised training plan and the coaching assistance to help you make the best decisions for your running.

It is available to runners of all abilities running across any marathon or ultra distance event. Whether this is your first race or you are an experienced elite runner pushing for the top spots, Training Plan + will provide an individualised path for your goals. We regularly work in races of all distances into ultra specific distances as part of what we do.

You can start training anytime towards your goal race, the training plan will be shared with you almost immediately and will take you all the way up to your event.

Your coaches, Robbie Britton and Sophie Grant, have almost 30 years of experience between them, in helping runners of all abilities reach their best. 

For £55 a month we will provide you a training plan via the Final Surge platform (snap shot below) delivering daily sessions built around your work/life commitments. Alongside this, you will be granted access to the Centurion Community Coaching Facebook Group. This will be the area for all questions, tips and advice via your coaches, as well as regular Q&A sessions and video resources. There is no one to one coaching or email exchange between the coaches and the runner on the Training Plan Plus service, all of the advice and communication is via the facebook group.

A sample training plan week, each session is built around your schedule and goals. There are detailed notes for every session.

Robbie, Tom and Sophie are all UK Athletics qualified running coaches. Robbie and Tom both have an MSc in Performance Coaching from the University of Stirling. Tom is England National Marathon Lead Coach, and England Team Coach for middle distance all the way through to the marathon and head youth and junior talent coach and mentor for both England and British Athletics. He is also head coach for Runners World UK. Robbie sits on the management team for the GB 24hr Team. The three coaches between them have over three decades of experience working with a vast range of athletes covering all disciplines under the broader heading of ultramarathons. As athletes, Robbie and Sophie have represented Team GB and competed in many of the world's most prestigious ultras, across all distances, terrains and environements.


1. Fill in the form below with your details.

2. We look over and analyse your form. We email you in return with details of how to complete sign up.

3. After the first payment has been made a. we invite you to create a free login to Final Surge and b. you are invited into the Training Plan Plus Community facebook group.

4. You input your monthly commitments into the Final Surge at the start of each month. We share your plan with you, adjusted around those commitments with detailed sessions for every day up to your goal event, one month at a time.

5. We communicate with you via the Facebook group, any questions you have can be shared and will be answered there.

6. You adapt your plan within the month if necessary, using advice from the group communication. 

7. We take you up to your goal race focusing on enjoyment and a successful outcome.

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