Centurion Running

Centurion Track 100

24 Apr 2021

Course Records

Thomas Payn (M)



Debbie Martin-Consani (F)



The Centurion Track 100 is an elite level event, designed for runners to compete under the fastest possible conditions and with a focus on record setting.

The race is for the 100 mile distance and a 17 hour cut off will be in place for all runners. 

This race follows in the footsteps of some of the classic events seen during the 1970s and 1980s when many of the fastest British 100 mile times were set. A full list of the All Time top British 100 mile performances for both men and women can be found via the stats page here.

Click here to read the 2019 Race Report.

The course will be officially measured and certified under UKA standards, be overseen by a UKA referee and hold a UKA permit. Permit number will be announced in due course.

Within the 100 mile distance, splits will be taken at 50km, 50 miles, 6 hours, 100km and 12 hours. All of those split distances are individually ratified as record eligible. The race holds an IAU Bronze label at the 6hr, 12hr and 100 mile distances. The event is permitted by England Athletics (Permit Number: OUT 21/042)


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24 Apr 2021 06:00

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Julie Rose Stadium, Ashford, Kent, UK



General Info

The race takes place on the track at the Julie Rose Stadium in Ashford. Runners will begin at 0600 on Saturday 24th April 2021 and the total cut off for all runners will be 17 hours or 2300.

Runners will run in Lane 1,2 and 3 with race official check point and any crews to be set up in Lanes 4-8.

Runners are permitted and encouraged to bring a crew, each crew will be able to set up in Lane 4 and tend to their runners as often as they wish but crews must remain completely stationary when handing anything to or communicating with a runner. 


This event is by invitation or qualification only - see below.

Entry is limited to 25 runners total in anticipation of 20 starters. The field is set small to create conditions for the optimal distance travelled for all runners. 

Entries are first come first served and any application will be accepted or refused within a week of our receiving it.


Runners meeting one of the listed qualifying standards may apply for acceptance into the race. The entry fee applies to all runners, regardless of qualification time.

Runners not meeting the explicit listed times may petition for acceptance via other performances (eg course difficulty) and these will be judged on an individual basis. We will prioritise those who have run ratified qualifiers or fast times for distances in line with the specificity of this event.

Qualifying marks should be recent, preferably in the last three years.


24 Hour: 228km+
100 Mile: Sub 15:30
12 Hour: 130km+
100km: Sub 7:40
6 Hour: 77km+
50 Mile: Sub 6:15
50km: Sub 3:10
Marathon: Sub 2:30


24 Hour: 208km+
100 Mile: Sub 17:00
12 Hour: 118km+
100km: Sub 8:40
6 Hour: 69km+
50 Mile: Sub 7:00
50km: Sub 3:40
Marathon: Sub 2:55


0500: Bib Number and Timing Chip Collection
0550: Race Briefing
0600: Start
2300: Cut Off


The course is a 400 metre all weather track at Julie Rose Stadium, Ashford in Kent. Runners will change direction every 4 hours, with the final change occuring at 12 hours elapsed - for the last 5 hours only (cut off 17 hours).


Electronic Timing at the start finish line together with back-up timing at one additional point per lap.


Weather in the UK can be variable at the best of times but we have picked late April, as offering optimum potential for dry and moderate temperatures, with long daylight hours. Runners should prepare for all conditions on the day. The track is well shielded from the wind by a very large grand stand down one side, and is protected by banking on the near bend. 


Runners will each be permitted their own designated crew area including shelter, chairs and tables from which they may be tended to. 


There will be a full aid station providing an extensive range of food and drinks to all runners for the duration of the event. Crews will also be able to access both fluids and food for their runners. 


All runners will have their 100 mile split recorded. Runners stopping before 100 miles will be recorded as DNFs due to the fact that this is a distance race and not a timed event.

Splits will be taken at the following marks: 50km, 50 mile, 100km, 100 mile, 6 hour, 12 hour.


Awards will be presented to 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in the mens and womens events. There will be no Age Group Awards.


Whilst the core race is the 100 mile distance, splits will be taken at 50km, 50 miles, 6 hours, 100km and 12 hours. All of those split distances are individually ratified as record eligible. The race holds an IAU Bronze label at 50km, 50 mile, 100km, 6hr, 12hr and 100 mile distances. Label Numbers as follows.

  • 2021  879       6H  B  REN  Centurion Track 100  GBR
  • 2021  879      12H  B  REN  Centurion Track 100  GBR
  • 2021  879   50KM  B  REN  Centurion Track 100  GBR
  • 2021  879  100KM B REN  Centurion Track 100  GBR
  • 2021  879      50M  B REN  Centurion Track 100  GBR
  • 2021 879      100M B REN  Centurion Track 100  GBR