From 20 Jul 2020 to 26 Jul 2020

Welcome to the Centurion Running One Community Up event. 

During the last week of May we held our inaugural virtual event, the One Community challenge where the goal was to complete distances of between 5km and 100 miles over the course of a week. 

The One Up challenge has a similar shape but is based entirely on elevation gain rather than distance. 

Over the week of July 20th to July 26th 2020, runners can shoot for one of 8 different elevation levels outlined below. Climb or elevation gain can be made outside on trail, on the road or on the mountain or inside on the treadmill, stair machine or stairs etc. There are two categories, Standard which is non assisted and Up only which is for those using assisted descent or no descent eg. the treadmill. See further down for full classification.

As per the One Community event, runners of any age can take part and aim for any of the targets below (Under 18s up to Ben Nevis only and entry cost is lower). We want everybody to be able to take part and set themselves a target.

The difference with this one is that you don't select your target at the start, you can enter and just keep adding to your tally all through the week. Your final total climb will give you the level you achieved and your award will match that level.

10% of all revenue will be donated to MIND. MIND are the charity partner for most of our events and by this stage in a normal racing year we would have donated about £2000 from finish line food sale proceeds. This gives us a chance to generate some further much needed revenue for them at a time when the charity sector has been hit hard by the crisis.

General Info

What is It 

Centurion Running One Up is a virtual event which takes place over 7 days, starting at 0001 BST on Monday 20th July 2020 and ending at midnight BST on Sunday 26th July 2020. The event is for everybody, anywhere in the world, of any age. 

Unlike the One Community challenge, entrants do not have to specify a target before hand. There are levels to achieve and once you've reached one you are welcome to go on and shoot for the next, all the way to the top!

The exception to this is for junior (U18) athletes who are eligible for awards up Level 3 - Ben Nevis and entry cost is lower as a result.

You have a week to aim for the following targets. Elevation can be gained by climbing, running or walking anywhere including outside on road, trail or mountain, inside on the treadmill, on the stairs etc. But when you register, you must select whether you are entering the 'Standard' division or the 'Up Only' division. Classification as follows:

Standard: Where all of a runners activities involve ascent and descent eg. out on the trails, mountain or road where lifts from cars or gondalas or use of bikes are not employed to descend.

Up Only: Where any of the weeks activities involve ascent only eg treadmill, stair climber or any activity involves assisted descent eg lifts, cars etc.

If any one of your activities falls into the up only category then you must enter that category.

The levels to aim for are as follows - gain will be calculated and submitted in feet but for reference, the height in metres is also shown below:

  • Level 1: Box Hill - 735 Feet (224m)
  • Level 2: Kinder Scout - 2087 Feet (636m)
  • Level 3: Ben Nevis - 4413 Feet (1345m)
  • Level 4: British Three Peaks - 10,052 Feet (3064m)
  • Level 5: Mont Blanc - 15,780 Feet (4810m)
  • Level 6: Everest - 29,030 Feet (8848m)
  • Level 7: Rum Doodle - 40,000.5 Feet (12192m)
  • Level 8: Olympus Mons - 69,648 Feet (21229m)

To submit your result, simply enter the amount of elevation gain you achieved over the course of the week either during the week if you finish early, or at the end of the week. Your award will be sent out to you once the event is finished.

The results will be set out by level achieved, and by category. Categories include gender and age groups. However the primary objective is to complete the challenge you set for yourself and to engage with your friends, family and the Centurion Community by sharing your journey along the way. Age Categories are available all the way from Under 5's to Vet 90!

You must submit your results via the link above before noon BST on Monday 27th July 2020.

Beyond the results this is all about community engagement which was an amazing and overwhelming aspect of the one community event. We want you to share your runs/ hikes and journeys to your own finish line via any and all channels. You can tag us on facebook, twitter or instagram under the hashtag #centurioncommunity. Photos are strongly encouraged! We will share what we can and award spot prizes to the best uploads and engagements over the course of the week.

Check out the Community Images page here for all of the shots shared on instagram using the hashtag #centurioncommunity 

What You Get 

  • Personal Bib Number - downloadable at the start of race week by clicking on your race number on the Entrants page here
  • Centurion designed medal (picture at the bottom of this page) sent to you in the post once you complete your event - this will be a wooden medal and will come with a ribbon displaying your finish level/ mountain climbed
  • Centurion designed buckle (these are identical in format to our traditional race buckles), for finishers in the Olympus Mons category only
  • Spot prizes for best posts/ photos/ interactions via social media/ email and the hashtag #centurioncommunity 
  • 10% of all entries will go to MIND (Charity no. 424348.)

How to Register 

You can register by clicking on the button linked at the top of this page. Registrations are open until the final minutes of the last day!

During registration you are able to register for just you, or an extended group of family or friends as you wish.

The event is open to everybody no matter your location. We hope to see many international runners taking part. 

You can also register for the canicross event - Simply select 'yes' during registration to 'running with a dog?' and you will appear in your age group but also the canicross category.

When you sign up you will need to include a shipping address. We will then post out your medal or buckle to you within a fortnight of the end of the event. 

How do I upload my results

Simply head to the submit results button at the top of the page or by clicking here and add your details, together with the amount of climb you achieved. You may submit more than once if you wish and it will superseed your last entry.

You can run anywhere, anytime. Outside on road, trail, on the treadmill, round your garden, anywhere you like. But please only count sessions where you have actively gone out to add to your distance, not simply steps around the house or as part of your normal day to day movement.

This is an honour based system. If you have a GPX file, link to strava or other training platform then we will ask you to enter that alongside your manual time entry. To be eligible for awards (winners of each distance and each category) you need to upload files as proof of your run(s). However if you don't have access to a watch, phone or other recording device or prefer not to use them - no proof is required to be eligible as a finisher, just enter your times manually.


  • Entry is £20 for Adults and £15 for Under 18s
  • Free entries are available to runners under below terms*

*Free Entries to those in need or who have been impacted financially by the ongoing situation. We have set up a ‘Community’ ticket. These are free entries to the One Up event. Runners have emailed us to say that they’d like to contribute to help others who have suffered loss of income  as a result of the ongoing crisis. Those people have made donations, which we have in turn matched so that we have an available pool of funds to be allocated to those who can’t afford to take part but would like to. Please email us here to request access to a private registration link. No explanation is required and none will be asked for, if you email (by clicking here) us we will simply send you a link to be able to register just like anybody else, but at no cost.