31 Oct 20 by James Elson

2020 Cancellation SDW100/ WW50/ WW50km/ NDW50

Hi Everybody. This evenings news is obviously extremely frustrating for everyone. On a national level first and foremost where dealing with this virus, hospitalisation and awful loss of life is concerned. But, speaking to our little slice of the world, also our events. We still have the SDW100, WW50, WW50km and NDW50 scheduled and all four of them fall into the national lockdown window that has just been announced. As such we will going forward as follows:

- We will be emailing all runners still entered into these events within the next 48 hours, to confirm that they will be cancelled.

-All runners will be given as a minimum, the option to defer to 2021 or 2022 at no cost. To receive 70% refund. If a runner is already entered into the 2021 version of the event as of tonight as well as the 2020 race, they will be refunded their 2021 race entry.

- At least one other option will be given to every runner of every event, but we need to finalise those details now we know what we are working with. Each event has its own nuances.

Finally, One Community will return between the 23rd and 29th of November. We are back in lock down, many of you have had your goal and dream event now just yanked from under you at the last minute and we do not want to end the year that way. So we will be getting the details sorted on that but it will be pretty much identical to the previous edition, with some extra bits of fun on top. The website will launch tomorrow.

We cannot express in words just how disappointing this news today, is. We can sit here and be frustrated, angry, worried. But we can only work with the hand we are dealt and we have been incredibly fortunate to have received unprecedented support from all of you through 2020. 5 events were held, we are grateful for that. We intend now to focus on providing our community as much positivity and engagement as possible through whatever this winter might hold. We will make it through the other side of this and we will be a stronger community for it. More to follow tomorrow.