29 Apr 22 by James Elson

2023 Race Calendar: New Events and Date Changes

For 2023, there will be one new event in our calendar and one significant date change to be aware of. 

The 2023 season will start with the Hundred Hills 50km on March 18th and all regular race weekends will remain as they are, with the exception of Wendover Woods 50. 

After traditionally closing our season in November, we are bringing the Wendover Woods 50 into July, to run on the same weekend as the Wendover Woods 50km and, back for 2023, the Wendover Woods 100 mile.

The major impact here is on the 50 Mile Grand Slammers who will go to racing in April, May, July and September instead of April, May, September and November. Whilst that brings the calendar into a tighter period, there is still a good space between the NDW50, WW50 and the CW50. With changes to Foresty England policies we needed to combine the events into the one weekend. We are hopeful this will make for an incredible atmosphere over the July weekend. 

The below calendar is provisional except where listed as confirmed:

  • 18th March 2023: Hundred Hills 50km Confirmed
  • 8th April 2023: South Downs Way 50 Confirmed
  • 22nd April 2023: Track 100 Confirmed
  • 6th-7th May 2023: Thames Path 100 Confirmed
  • 20th May 2023: North Downs Way 50 Confirmed
  • 10th-11th June 2023: South Downs Way 100 Confirmed
  • 7th-9th July 2023: Wendover Woods 100/ 50 Mile and Night 50km Confirmed
  • 5th-6th August 2023: North Downs Way 100
  • 16th September 2023: Chiltern Wonderland 50
  • 14th-15th October 2023: Autumn 100

For 2023 our entry fees have risen to £105 for the 50 milers and £215 for the 100 milers.

The cost of organising events has shot up an incredible amount since the end of last season. Quite simply, we need to raise prices to maintain our team and the level of event we put on. Every aspect of the events have been subject to price rises. From the fuel, to the medical cover, to landlord charges, awards, food - everything has gone up, in most cases way in excess of the 10% rise.

We know this might come as a blow because these races are not cheap to enter. There is of course always the option of volunteering at any given race, to earn a free entry for that event the following year. It has always been the best way to get the most out of the sport - help others, learn about the events and come back and run them with that extra knowledge and experience.

Within entry fees for 2022 and beyond, we will also be offering all runners free on course photograpy, adding some extra value in. 

Thank you to all of you for your continued support. We will never take it for granted.